Paola's dream trip: from Italy to the North Cape in the historic Fiat 500!

Tomorrow our colleague will embark on this journey and we at Vacanze col cuore will recount her adventure on our social pages!

From the Weekend Glamping Resort to Cape North, the northernmost point in Europe, in the inimitable 1974 Fiat 500: our colleague Paola and her husband Diego are ready to embark on the journey they have always dreamed of!

Tomorrow morning, their alarm clock will probably ring very early. A quick breakfast, the last of the luggage to be stowed in the car, a deep breath and off we go, heading for the Weekend Glamping Resort. Here at our Resort in San Felice del Benaco, in fact, Paola and Diego will say goodbye to friends, colleagues and family, before boarding the historic Fiat 500 accompanied by a load of adrenalin and indescribable emotions.

In these moments their adventure will begin. And their great dream will also finally begin to take shape.

During the journey, which will last approximately one month, Paola and Diego will travel through Italy, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Finland and Norway. The last stop will be Cape North, one of Europe's most iconic destinations, a promontory that offers truly unforgettable views. After contemplating the magic of this place, the two travellers will return to Italy via the Netherlands and our Papillon Country Resort.

We at Vacanze col cuore will also be travelling, at least ideally, up to the highest roof in Europe: in fact, as well as customising the fantastic Fiat 500, over the next few weeks we will be recounting Paola and her husband Diego's experience step by step. We therefore invite you to follow our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages, to stay constantly updated on this exciting adventure!