The Sustainability in Glamping Vacanze con cuore

Vacanze col Cuore has always been attentive to the needs of its customers, striving to improve the tourist offer from an environmental point of view, in view of a green holiday.
A glamping holiday is first and foremost a vacation where the contact with the surrounding natural environment is primary, therefore the eco-sustainable choice cannot fail.

Some of our campsites are already working on, through the correct management and separate collection of waste, the management of water and energy resources. We encourage to use less impactful mobility as bicycles, car sharing or electric vehicles.
Many of our campsites have adopted the 'Car free' policy, avoiding the circulation of cars inside the campsites: both to reduce the environmental impact and to guarantee safety for families, but above all to preserve direct contact with nature avoiding pollution.

Orlando in Chianti Glamping Resort is one of our Glamping immersed in the greenery of Tuscany. This is a clear example of our eco-sustainable commitment. We use solar panels to obtain Green Energy, we have a gray water purifier that allows recycling with reuse. Some accomodations have been renovated as an alternative choice to the disposal and are now among the 'top sellers'. An electric column for recharging of electric vehicles is available to our guests.
Other choices aimed at eco-sustainability are the use of recycled paper for the press and, in accordance with Green Energy, the filtering of water from the wells which gets then purified.

Vacanze col cuore seeks to to the best. For a green holiday choose your Vacanze col Cuore.

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