Eco-sustainability in Glamping Vacanze col Cuore

In Vacanze col Cuore we are constantly striving to improve the tourist offer from an environmental point of view, in order to offer our guests a truly green holiday. A glamping holiday is above all an experience in which contact with the natural environment is essential, therefore we offer eco-sustainable solutions in most of our resorts.

Some facilities are already operational through proper waste management and differentiation, but also through conscious consumption of water and energy resources. As far as mobility is concerned, we are encouraging the adoption of less impactful alternatives, such as bicycles, car sharing and electric vehicles. Many of our structures have also adopted the "Car free" policy, forbidding the circulation of cars inside the Glamping; this choice is dictated by the desire to preserve direct contact with nature without pollution, thus reducing the environmental impact and safeguarding the safety of families.

In our office in Manerba del Garda and at Lake Idro Glamping Boutique we have also installed some solar panels: the goal is to extend them to all the group's structures, in order to produce electricity efficiently and sustainably. Also noteworthy is the introduction of the "climacard" in mobile homes, an innovative system that will help guests moderate and control consumption during their glamping holiday. The importance of this new tool is twofold: to reduce the environmental impact of our resorts, but also to promote greater awareness of waste.

The Orlando in Chianti Glamping Resort, one of our Glamping immersed in the greenery of Tuscany, is a clear example of our eco-sustainable commitment: in this structure we use solar panels to obtain Green Energy, we provide an electric column for recharging electric vehicles and we also have a gray water treatment plant that allows it to be recycled and reused. But that is not all. Instead of being demolished and disposed of, some accommodations have been completely refurbished, establishing themselves as authentic 'top sellers' of our group. Other choices aimed at eco-sustainability are the use of recycled paper in compliance with Green Energies for the creation of prints, not to mention our commitment to filtering the water from the wells which is thus purified.

Choose Vacanze col Cuore and treat yourself to the best green experiences in contact with nature!