IL GABBIANO Park Residence

IL GABBIANO Park Residence

The Gabbiano Park Residence is an oasis of peace on Lake Garda, surrounded by a park of 60,000 square meters. Elegant villas and apartments with private garden surrounded by greenery are proposed for holiday stays. The 3 swimming pools, the restaurant with bar and children's entertainment complete the services available.
The environment and the proximity to many areas of interest observe you enjoying your time in complete freedom. Every day you can decide if you want to relax with a nice dip in the pool or visit Manerba, Desenzano or Sirmione.

Via dei Casali, 12
Moniga del Garda (BS)
+39 0365 502224
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Service included:

  • sheets,
  • towels,
  • final cleaning,
  • for bookings of 14/21 days:
    • for Villette it is agreed with the guests an extra cleaning and change of sheets and towels free of charge;
    • for the other types of apartments new sheets and towels will be delivered to the guests free of charge.

Extra services:

  • high chair: €10,00 per stay;
  • baby bath: €10,00 per stay;
  • baby bed: €12,00 per stay;
  • baby kit complete: €26,00 per stay.
  • tennis: €6/hour.

all accommodations are available from 4pm.

the accommodations must be left between 9 and 10am.

Booking conditions: 
deposit 30% or credit card as a guarantee. Balance on arrival.

Method of payment:
Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, cash. We do not accept cheques.

General information:

  • the rates are for accommodation, per day, vat included;
  • the rates do not include city tax;
  • there aren’t allowed reimbursements for early departures.


Swimming Pool
Restaurant / Pizzeria
Swimming Pool For Children
Charging station for electric vehicles
Info Point
Lake View
Mini Club
Mini Farm
Tennis Court
Fitness Area
With your family

1. For the entrance to the Residence it is mandatory the authorization of the direction and relative registration of the law.
2. The rates of stay at the Residence, exposed to reception, go from the time of arrival to 10.00 am the following day.
3. It is strictly forbidden to enter strangers. The people surprised inside the Residence not authorized by the Direction will be reported for violation of domicile in accordance with art.614 of the C.P.
4. It is absolutely forbidden that the room is also temporarily occupied by people other than those declared during check-in. Any exceptions must be agreed in advance with the Director for the necessary legal obligations. The visitor is required to leave an identification document at the direction of the visitor, which he will collect when he leaves the facility. The violation, even occasional, of this commitment will result in the termination of the contract, pursuant to art.1456 c.c. and the application of penalties pursuant to art. 1382 c.c. Sublocation is expressly prohibited.
5. The parking of vehicles is allowed in the spaces indicated by the Management.
6. Silence is prescribed from 11.00 pm to 8.00 am; moderation of noise during the day; Residence customers will have to keep the volume of the TV down, so as not to disturb other guests. In addition, please kindly Guests, for security reasons, always lock the door and do not leave the windows of your apartment open when you leave. Guests are required to keep their belongings. Each room has a safety deposit box for storing money and valuables. The Management will not be held responsible for any theft or loss of personal belongings, except for the objects entrusted to it and accepted for delivery with receipt.
7. The speed of vehicles at the entrance to the tourist complex must not exceed 5 Km / h.
8. It is mandatory to respect the vegetation, hygiene and cleanliness of the complex.
9. The small/medium size animals are accepted only in accommodations arranged for them. 
10. Adults are responsible for the behavior of their children, whose liveliness, education and
need can not be to the detriment of the quiet, security and hygiene of other guests. Children
must always be accompanied to the toilet, to play, in the pool as an adult.
11. For stays of 14/21 days, in the villas cleaning and change of sheets / towels (day and time),
are to be agreed at the Reception.
For stays of 14/21 days in the other types clean sheets / towels are provided to the customer
at the Reception.
The room is delivered clean and tidy and equipped with accessories for daily cleaning.
It is the responsibility of the Guests to provide for the daily disposal of household waste in
order to guarantee hygiene and decorum in the accommodation.
12. Areas for the separate collection of waste are set up inside the Residence. All non-hazardous waste must be collected and transferred exclusively to these areas. For any hazardous waste, contact the Reception directly in order to check the correct disposal methods.
13. The rules for accessing and using the swimming pool and playground spaces are displayed on the campsite. If necessary, they can be requested from the management and printed for their own copy.

For any need, contact the Management at the Reception


• Leave litter on the ground
• Pour liquids of any kind on the ground (only water) 3. Turn on open fires.
• The washing of vehicles outside the dedicated area



1. The small/medium size animals are accepted only in accommodations arranged for them. 
2. The presence of pets and dogs must be mentioned both at the reservation time and at your arrival. For any guide dog for blind or visually impaired guests there is no charge and they can stay for free on the Resort (not the accommodation) and in all the areas of the Residence.
3. At the check-in the dogs must be presented with the sanitary book and the European pets passport
4. Dogs cannot be left on their own in the accommodation.
5. Dogs must be always on a lead with a muzzle.
6. It’s forbidden to take the animals in the shower building  used by other people
7. Pets should not bother other guests or enter in other pitches or accommodation.
8. It is the responsibility of the owners to ensure the maximum respect of the sanitary hygiene norms in the campsite
9. Any damages for other persons or accommodation of the resort from their dogs/pets are responsibilities of the owner. 
10. The Direction reserves the right to expel people immediately from the Resort when the Guests break the rules
11. Any behaviour towards pets/dogs will be reported to the local authority 


• Prohibition of lighting open fires.
• Prohibition of the use of candles or gas stoves for lighting.
• Do not leave pots on the stove when you leave the cooking area, closing the gas tap.
• Guests are required to comply with the smoking ban in areas or environments with specific signs.
• Report to the Management any situation at risk of fire or any inefficiencies of the fire-fighting devices (fire extinguishers).
• In the event of a fire emergency, contact the Reception immediately (Tel. 0365. 502224) in order to immediately activate the Fire and First Aid service personnel.


Park Residence il Gabbiano srl is the company that owns and manages Il Gabbiano Park Residence and it is located at Il Gabbiano Park Residence (Bs) (hereinafter also called "Resort"). Vacanze col cuore management srl is the company taking care partially or fully of the booking office, call center and customer care.
“Customer” meant, a natural or legal person concluding a touristic contract/package of sales within the tourism as a guest.


The reservation of the touristic stay, of which the booking conditions, pricelist and minimum stay are clearly specified in the reservation, on the website or communicated via phone, can be achieved through:

• Our online booking system on our website 
• Phone
• Mail
• Fax
• Directly at the Reception of the touristic accommodation 

The reservation is nominal, each of them gets a code and it is valid only for the number of persons mentioned in it, which cannot be anyway higher than the maximum capacity of the accommodation or pitch allocated. 
As the company receives the reservation or the offer request for a stay, the company in charge of them, whether in outsourcing, or the company owner of the individual structure transmit to the client, through the appropriate means of communication, the offer or the payment confirmation, in case of payment with the credit card directly on the website. The document is representative as reservation offer or confirmation and contains the summary details valid for the reservation: it specifics the structure name, the accommodation, the category of room/pitch/apartment, the dates of arrival and departure, the amount of the stay, the number of people, the services included, the different ways to pay the deposit (amount and expire date) and the balance.
The booking contract is considered concluded and binds both parts with the confirmation of reservation and/or the payment of the deposit or the balance from the client.  Therefore the booking is accepted only at the moment of receiving the payment of the deposit/balance pointed in the quotation; in any case reports and requests from the customers, for example and not limited to, the ones related to the preference of location for the accommodation or the specific accommodation of the same category, do not have contract value and they can possibly be confirmed or not depending on the local availability. Any reservation can be, even without the agreement from the customer, modified, concerning the type of accommodation, giving the customer a free upgrade while maintaining the same conditions only regarding the number of beds. The customers booking stays achieved with special offers through brochures, the website, mail, social media or any other form of communication considered appropriate, are subjected to peculiars conditions of booking and payment.


The reservation, as above-mentioned is confirmed only after the payment of the amount communicated to the guest and in the terms established. The specific arrangements are: payment of the deposit, normally around 30% of the total amount of the reservation plus extra costs, mentioned everytime in the quotation, per phone, or through booking engine. Thereafter the payment of the remaining balance can be required starting from 2 months before the arrival, according to the specifics in the reservation, or upon arrival at the facility. The payments can be done through:

• Bank transfer
• Credit card,through POS,virtual POS, e-commerce or any other appropriate solution present online 
• Cash, respecting the local laws in force , only in the accommodation where you spend your holidays

For “last minute” reservations  or special offers the guest can be allowed to pay the entire amount at their arrival at the reception desk or at the moment of the reservation itself. Among the accommodation facilities, depending on the services booked it could be asked to pay for some extras if requested.
Simultaneously to the payment of the deposit or balance the booking contract is considered binding and effectively closed, therefore in the case the customer would give up to part or even to the entire stay, including the request of changes, the amount is considered as payable according to the cancellation policies.  
ATTENTION: not observing the terms above-mentioned represents the resolutive clause herewith expressed to confirm the immediate termination clause, unless compensation for any further damages to the accommodation facility or the company responsible for the reservations. Eventually the failure to respect the payment terms shall determine the loss of the economic conditions  and accessory ancillary apply to it. If the facility detects a difference in the rate consequent to an incorrect communication during the booking, the payment of the adjustment to the balance must be paid on arrival at the facility.


The customer, upon arrival, is obliged to register at the Reception and carry out all the formalities necessary to the allocation and those required by law. The time of arrival and departure as well as the availability of the accommodation/pitch/apartment are defined from the regulation of the facility. If the customer will not arrive by the facility before 9 am of the day after the reservation without giving any communication, the direction reserves the right to cancel the reservation and possibly rent the accommodation itself. If the customer doesn’t leave the accommodation /pitch /apartment by the time of check-out the facility is allowed to charge the daily rate according to the pricelist. The facility could request an extra charge regarding the cleaning of the accommodation whether the management deems that the civil decorum has not been respected.


The customer can check in online, available on the website of the Resort and on the website of the Vacanze col cuore group. The payment of the balance of the stay can take place during the online check-in, there is always the possibility to pay it directly at the resort. The payment methods accepted online are bank transfer and credit card. Online check in and payment of the balance of your stay can be made in the period from 30 to 5 days before arrival in case of payment by bank transfer and from 30 to 1 day before arrival in case of payment by credit card. After checking in online and paying the balance, no changes can be made to the booking and no refund will be given in the event of a no-show. If you want to make changes in the data relating to guests, you must contact the resort or the booking office directly.
According to the law, the customer is responsible for the data he provides during online check-in; such information must be correct and possibly updated in case of change. The customer is required to provide the identity card/passport at the reception of the Resort for the formalities to be carried out with the state police.


We do not accept changes in terms of personal data, number of participants, or ancillary services compared to what is indicated in the contract at the time of booking confirmation, unless they are communicated to the booking center or the resort within 15 days before the arrival date. All housing units, pitches, rooms and apartments will therefore be available only to the persons indicated on the travel documents. The management of the resort reserves the right not to deliver the housing unit to those who did not comply with this rule. The request for cancellation of confirmed reservations (in the form of a deposit, deposit or balance already paid), must be submitted in writing or through a specific online procedure. The cancellation of reservations for the entire / partial stay is subject to precise cancellation terms and summarized below:

• for cancellations within 60 days of arrival: 100% of the deposit paid is refunded
• for cancellations from 59 to 30 days before arrival: 50% of the deposit paid is refunded 
• for cancellations from 29 days to 1 day before arrival: 100% of the deposit paid is retained
• for cancellations on the day of arrival or no-show / no show: payment of the full amount of the stay is required

For cases that require a refund of the deposit or deposit, the refund will be made by bank transfer within 30 days of the necessary cancellation operations.
No show is considered the no-show by the User at the facility booked by 18.00 on the established day, unless otherwise agreed. The no-show (no show) and the early return are subject to 100% penalty of the value of the stay. If the customer does not show up at the structure, without giving notice of some delays, the structure reserves the right to reassign the housing unit from 12:00 on the day following the date of arrival. After having checked in online and paid the balance, there will be no refund in case of no-show.


Pets are welcome at our facilities, however they are only allowed at the pitches and at some accommodations, which have been set up to accommodate them. The customer undertakes to respect the specific rules of the resort, of law and of the civic sense.
Animals must be marked with a microchip and accompanied by the international animal health booklet and the EU passport for pets (veterinary certificate). Upon arrival, the staff of the accommodation has the right to request these documents and in case of no-show, the management reserves the right not to allow the animal to access the accommodation itself. Specific prices and conditions can be applied for the stay with animals, they are shown in the price list.


Some Italian towns have the right to dispose of a tourist tax to be charged to tourists. The tax is a local tax, introduced by the article 4 of Lgs.12th April 2011,n^23, disciplined by the specific regulations and approved with the resolution of City Council. The income generated from the city tax are used to financially sustain the tourism facilities, maintenance, recovery as well as  valorization of local projects and cultural heritage,as well as the local services.The customer must pay this at the moment of check-in. The city tax , also called tourist tax, is a tax to be paid per person per night spent in the holiday location. This contribution has different rates depending on the town. The rate for the tourist tax includes VAT, while in the case of an increase of the value of more than 10% from the actual charge the difference must be paid locally.


If the customer does not pay and / or the payment made is not credited within the deadline indicated in the booking, the resort or whoever has the right to cancel the booking and withdraw from the contract without extensions and without paying the customer any refund for alleged damages and / or penalties. In the event of force majeure, unforeseen circumstances and / or a justified reason, even if the performance has become excessively burdensome due to the occurrence of extraordinary and unforeseeable events, the resort or those who have the right to withdraw from the contract, in this case, he must notify the customer by the date of the stay. Otherwise, in the case of unavailability of the service booked for Overbooking or for other reasons however attributable to the structure (such as for pre-eminent management reasons), the latter has the obligation, to offer its customer alternative replacement accommodation in its category equivalent or higher than that booked, within the structure itself or, possibly, at another structure, which belongs to a category at least equivalent to that booked by the customer and which offers similar or superior services. However, the customer is free to withdraw from the contract if the solution presented does not meet his needs, and the structure will reimburse the amount already paid by the customer, without applying any penalty.


The organiser ‘facility’, if after the client departure finds himself unable for any reason, except for a client personal one, to provide the services booked, will have to provide an alternative solution without any extra charges for the booker side, and if  the services are of a lower level respect to how booked, refund them to the customer with an appropriate amount. If there would be any other alternative solution the organiser will refund the customer in the right measure for the difference from the services used until the early departure and those not provided.


The customers must be carrying a valid Identification document to be registered at the arrival at the facility, as well as the Visa permit, sanitary documentation and transit if necessary depending on the nationality of the customer. In any case the customers will provide, before the departure to verify their documentation, including the sanitary obligations and the information necessary before travelling. Without this confirmation, no responsibilities for the departure of one or more of the consumers will be imputed to the organiser/seller. The participants will also have to abide by the observance of the rules of normal caution and diligence apart from the ones applied in the country destination of the travel and all information from the organiser/seller as well as the  regulations administrative and legal related to the touristic package. The participants will respond of any damages created for the organiser/seller will get due to their non-compliance.


The official classification of facilities is provided in a catalogue or other informative material only based on the formal and expressed indications released by regional and national experts.


The organiser is liable for any damage towards the customer due to failure partially or fully to contracted services, unless they can demonstrate the origin of the event from the customer liability (included  autonomy initiatives taken by the customer during the execution of touristic services) or alien circumstances not related to the supply of the services in the contract, fluke or major force, or rather circumstances where the organiser could not with professional diligence forecast or solve.


The compensation from the organiser due to the damages to the person is not higher than the limits provided by the International agreements of which Italy and European Union refer to whether the failure result in his responsibility.


The acceptance of the sales contract, as per the conditions above explained leads the authorisation from the customer to video and photo recording that can be done in the location of the holidays from third parties authorised by the property  for the sole purpose of advertisement reasons in respect with the current legislation. The concession of the authorisation from the current legislation is a discharge of liabilities for the facility for the modality indicated in point 1, unless differently expressed by the customer at the time of the recording.


The trade of products and services via electronic ways is disciplined from article 18 of the law number 18, leg 114/98.  The trading contract between the customer and the resort will be disciplined between in accordance to the Italian laws and regulations. For what not mentioned in these conditions we refer to the Civil code and the existent laws. 


With the confirmation of the offer the customer accepts the conditions of the present reservation, the price list and is committed to respect the regulations of the resort. The service provider has the right to withdraw from the above-mentioned contract of services if the subscriber, family or his/her guests will not respect the existing rules. 
The images used for the description of the products and the services are approximate and can also not represent faithfully in some cases the resort. 
Some special initiatives (last minute, special offers) carried out since the publishing date of the pricelist result from a bargaining of services with the providers and cannot have retroactive value, as subjected to limited availability.

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