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Lake Idro

A valley that in the past represented the border between Italy and the Hapsburg Empire; as well as a very important and ancient iron working area. Far from hordes of tourists and the traffic of the city, between the Val Sabbia and the Valle delle Giudicarie, this small Lake Idro offers sensational views and panoramas: the green of the oaks and chestnut trees that are reflected in the lake, as well as the coast with all the possibilities of practicing water sports and even the enogastronomic culture of cheese, Storo flour ... If you are looking for a destination in contact with nature and in an atmosphere of tranquility, Lake Idro is the one for you. Rich in history and culture, it has much to offer lovers from sport to tradition, as well as those who are still looking for a little corner of paradise surrounded by mountains and nature; you will find a true paradise of relaxation.

Glamping Experiences

Lake Idro is an alpine lake, surrounded by mountains and forests with valleys plenty of small villages with natural stone beaches. Many sports can be practiced at Lake Idro and in the surrounding area: wind surfing and kite surfing thanks to the constant presence of wind during the afternoon, rowing, mountain biking, trekking and much more. As well as several food and wine tours to discover the culinary traditions of this area: the production of bagoss cheese, the storo flour to make many local products ... Choose the Glamping Experiences that are right for you to enjoy a holiday in contact with nature, but not only, between history and traditions.


The Idro Glamping Boutique is located on the shores of Lake Idro, in the pretty village of Anfo. The area is surrounded by greenery and is the ideal place for outdoor sports activities surrounded by nature. The choice is wide: from kayaking, to SUP, to wind...

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