PAPILLON Country Resort

PAPILLON Country Resort

Vacanze col Cuore is the proud owner of the Dutch holiday destination Country Resort de Papillon. The already five star location is located in beautiful Twente in the cozy Denekamp, just a stone's throw from Germany.
In addition to the spacious camping pitches with private sanitary facilities, we also offer unique Glamping accommodations, luxury bungalows and mobile homes. This way you can get acquainted with the Luxury Glamping concept in the Netherlands. No crowds, but attention to our guests, who need a lot of living space, luxury and comfort in a beautiful environment where there is plenty to experience.
Enjoy a holiday in the Netherlands with the warmth of a family business, as only Vacanze col Cuore can offer.

Important ntice

To guarantee your safety in the resort, Vacanze Col Cuore group has decided that from season 2021 only electric or gas bbqs are allowed. Charcoal bbqs are strictly forbidden, both for accommodations and for pitches.

General information:

  • The rates are per accommodation per day; for the camping pitches per pitch per 2 people, for more people a surcharge applies. All rates include VAT;
  • The rates do not include tourist tax;
  • There are no allowances for early departure;
  • Pets are allowed in some accommodations for an additional cleaning fee. Pets are allowed at the camping pitches and a surcharge per day is charged. 1 pet is allowed, a second pet is on request. Pets are not allowed in the restaurant, swimming pool and toilets. At check-in, animals must have a hygiene record of vaccinations to present to staff.


Price included:

  • Cleaning Fee
  • Welcome pack
  • Wifi
  • Animation
  • Swimming pool


Extra services:

  • dog: until € 10,00 per day, depending on the period of season;
  • high chair: €10,00 per stay;
  • baby bath: €10,00 per stay;
  • baby bed: €12,00 per stay;
  • baby kit complete: €26,00 per stay.

all accommodations are available from 4pm.
The pitches are available from 12:00 a.m

the accommodations must be left between 9 and 10am.
The pitches must be left within 12:00 a.m

Method of payment:
Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, cash. We do not accept cheques.

Booking conditions: 
deposit 30% or credit card as a guarantee. Balance on arrival.

Restaurant / Pizzeria
Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool For Children
Info Point
Lake View
With friends
Washing Machine
Children's restroom
Bike Rental
With your family
Dog Friendly
Ticket & tours
Mini Club
Ping Pong

1. To enter the campsite it is necessary to obtain permission from the management and to be legally registered.
2. The rates at the reception are valid from the moment of arrival until 10:00 am the following day.
3. Access and presence on the campsite by unauthorized persons is a violation of security regulations and constitutes a criminal offense of contractual fraud.
4. Permission from the management is required before a pitch is occupied.
5. Vehicles can be parked at the places indicated by the management. The management reserves the right to request that the vehicle be moved to another parking space if there are new camping pitches.
6. The maximum speed within the campsite is 5 km per hour.
7. Silence must be observed from 11 pm to 7 am. During the day the noise should be kept at a reasonable level. Televisions are only allowed when the volume is very low.
8. Guests are responsible for their own property. The management declines all responsibility for theft or damage, with the exception of objects entrusted to the management and for which a receipt has been issued.
9. It is forbidden to damage the plants and within the Resort the rules of hygiene and cleanliness must be observed.
10. Dog owners are required to read and listen to the dog rules
11. The sockets are for lighting and refrigerators only. The permission of the management must be before they are used. All plugs must be properly grounded.
12. Adults are responsible for the behavior of their children, whose liveliness, manners and needs take precedence, and the safety and hygiene of the other guests. Children must be supervised by their parents when using the hygiene facilities. Use of the playground by children is only allowed under the supervision of an adult.
13. Pitches and accommodations must be delivered neat and clean on departure.
14. Guests are obliged to use the sanitary facilities neatly and correctly. Children must be accompanied to the toilet by an adult.
15. If the guest's visitor is a minor, the following is required to enable his / her stay at the campsite: written permission from his / her parents or guardian to be handed over to the reception manager upon arrival.
16. Use the bins around the campsite to dispose of your household waste and recycle paper, glass, plastic and batteries. This helps to protect the environment.
17. The rules for entering and using the pool and playgrounds are displayed on the site. If necessary, they can be requested from the management and printed for your own copy.
18. Management reserves the right to promptly expel any guest who violates the above rules or behaves in a manner that may disturb other guests from the Resort.

For any need, please contact the management at the reception


• To dig holes or ditches in the ground.
• To leave hazardous waste at the campsite.
• To pour oil, fuel, hot liquids, salt or waste liquids on the ground. It is also prohibited to discharge liquids or solids or unused varnishes, solvents, etc., into wells or other drains.
• Light fire.
• To wash cars and other vehicles.
• To anchor things to plants, etc., place ropes at human height and install anything that cannot endanger or impede free circulation.
• To dig holes or hollow trenches, set up posts or other structures in the ground.
• Install fences.
• To use more power than the set amount and to plug more than one plug into an outlet.
• To have more than one gas bottle per single pitch.


Your pets are welcome at our Resorts! In order not to bother other guests, we kindly ask you to respect the following regulations:

1. Small / medium-sized animals are only allowed in designated camping pitches and accommodations where permitted. The maximum number of animals allowed per camping pitch is 2, for the rental accommodation this is 1, a 2nd pet is on request.
2. The presence of pets and dogs must be stated at the time of booking and upon arrival.
3. Any guide dog for blind or partially sighted guests is free of charge and can stay for free on the field (not in the accommodation) and in all parts of the campsite.
4. At check-in, dogs must present the hygiene book and European pet passport
5. Dogs cannot be left alone in the accommodation / pitch.
6. Dogs must always be on a leash, the length may be max. 1.5 m, in case of emergency or on request the muzzle must be used. Special scoops and pouches should always be used.
7. It is forbidden to take the animals into the shower building that is used by other people
8. Pets must not disturb other guests or enter other places or accommodations.
9. It is the responsibility of the owners to ensure that sanitary hygiene standards at the campsite are adhered to to the maximum.
10. Any damage to other persons or accommodation of the resort by their dogs / pets is the owner of the pet concerned. The Management reserves the right to immediately remove people from the Resort if guests violate the rules.
11. Any behavior towards pets / dogs is reported to the local government.

Papillon Country Resort BV is the company that owns and manages Papillon Country Resort, located at Kanaalweg 30, 7591 NH in Denekamp (hereinafter also referred to as "resort"). Vacanze col cuore management srl is the company that takes care of all or part of the accounting, call center and customer service.
"Customer" means a natural legal person who enters into a tourist contract / sales package within tourism as a guest

The reservation of the stay, of which the booking conditions, price list and minimum stay are clearly specified in the reservation, communicated on the website or by telephone, can be made via:
• Our online booking system on our website
• By phone
• On site at the reception of one of our parks
The reservation is personal, each of them is given a reservation number and is only valid for the number of people stated therein, which in any case cannot exceed the maximum capacity of the allocated accommodation or pitch. Upon receipt of the booking or request for a quote for a stay, the outsourcing company or the company owning the accommodation will communicate through the means of communication deemed most appropriate for each situation. The quote or payment confirmation, in case of payment by credit card made directly on the site, will specify and summarize the valid data for the reservation: the accommodation chosen, the type of accommodation and/or the pitch and/or room and/or or apartment, the arrival and departure dates, the number of people, the services included, the exact amount of the stay, the method of payment of the deposit (amounts and due dates) and the balance. The reservation contract is considered concluded and binding with the confirmation of the booking and/or the payment of the deposit, deposit or balance by the customer. The reservation will not be accepted by the resort until payment of the deposit and/or the balance equal to the stated amount. Customer preferences and requests, such as those relating to the location or a specific accommodation belonging to the same category, etc., are not contractual in nature and may or may not be accepted according to the needs of the accommodation. Any reservation is subject to change, even without the customer's consent, with regard to the type of accommodation, giving the customer a free upgrade while maintaining the same conditions with regard to the number of beds only. Customers who book stays with special offers in the catalog or on the website or communicated via email, social media or other means of communication deemed appropriate are subject to special booking and payment conditions. The offers related to a price discount are not cumulative.

The reservation, as mentioned above, will only be confirmed after payment of the amount communicated to the guest and within the stipulated conditions. The specific arrangements are: payment of the deposit, normally 30% of the total amount of the reservation plus additional costs, each time stated in the quotation, by telephone or via the booking engine. After that, payment of the remaining balance can be requested from 2 months before arrival, according to the details in the reservation. Payments can be made through:
• Transfer
• Credit card or other online option
• On site with cash
For “last minute” reservations or special offers, the guest must pay the full amount at the time of booking. Among the accommodation facilities, depending on the services booked, you may be asked to pay some extras upon request. Simultaneously with the payment of the deposit or the balance, the booking contract is considered binding and effectively concluded, so in the event that the customer should cancel part or even the entire stay, including the request for changes, the amount is considered payable according to the cancellation conditions.
PLEASE NOTE: Failure to comply with the above payment terms constitutes an express termination clause to determine the legal termination of the contract, without prejudice to compensation for further damages suffered by the accommodation or by the company making the reservations. Failure to comply with the payment conditions leads to the loss of the planned subsidized economic and additional conditions. If the property recognizes a difference in the rate due to an incorrect communication during the booking stage, the payment of the balance of the booking must be paid directly to the property upon arrival.

Upon arrival, the customer is obliged to report to the reception of the resort to carry out all formal obligations, both for the allocation of his own accommodation and those required by law. The arrival and departure times, as well as the availability of the accommodation unit and/or pitch and/or room and/or apartment are laid down in the accommodation regulations. If the customer does not arrive at the booked accommodation on the next day specified in the reservation at 12:00, without giving any notice, the management reserves the right to cancel the reservation and make it available to third parties. If the customer does not leave the unit and/or pitch and/or room and/or apartment within the time allowed, the accommodation may charge the customer the daily rate, in accordance with the public price list. Management may charge an additional fee for cleaning the property if it deems that the client has usually not respected decency.

We do not accept changes in terms of personal data, number of participants or similar services compared to what is stated in the contract at the time of booking confirmation, unless communicated to the booking center or to the relevant resort within 15 days of the arrival date. All accommodation units, pitches, rooms and apartments will therefore only be available to the persons specified on the travel documents. The resort management reserves the right not to deliver the accommodation unit to those who have not adhered to this rule. The request for cancellation of confirmed reservations (in the form of a deposit, deposit or balance already paid) must be made in writing or through a specific online procedure. The cancellation of reservations for all / part of the stay is subject to precise cancellation policies and is summarized below:
• Up to 3 months before the arrival date 10% of the agreed price
• In case of cancellation more than 3 months before the commencement date, 15% of the agreed price
• In case of cancellation within 3 to 2 months before the start date, 50% of the agreed price
• In case of cancellation within 2 to 1 month before the commencement date, 75% of the agreed price
• In case of cancellation within 1 month before the commencement date, 90% of the agreed price
• In case of cancellation on the day of arrival, 100% of the agreed price
In cases where a refund of the deposit or deposit is required, the refund will be made by bank transfer within 30 days of the necessary cancellation procedure. If you do not show up, this is considered a no-show, this applies if the booker has not arrived before 6 pm on the specified day, unless otherwise agreed. The no-show and any early departure from the accommodation are subject to a 100% penalty of the value of the stay. If the customer does not show up at the resort, without being notified of some delays, the resort reserves the right to reassign the accommodation unit from 12:00 on the next day of the arrival date. If a booking changes within the cancellation period, these costs must be paid. There will be no settlement in the rent if it is lower after a change.

Pets are welcome, but are only allowed on the camping pitches and in some accommodations designed to accommodate them. The customer undertakes to respect the specific rules of the resort, the law and the civic sense.
Animals must be microchipped and accompanied by the International Animal Health Booklet and the EU Pet Passport (Veterinary Certificate). Upon arrival, the property's staff has the right to request these documents and in case of no-show, management reserves the right not to allow the animal access to the property itself. Specific prices and conditions may apply to staying with animals, these are stated in the price list.

The income from the tourist tax is used to financially support the tourist facilities, the maintenance, restoration and valorization of local projects and cultural heritage, as well as local services. The customer is obliged to pay this fee when it is due, at the time of payment of the booking fee, or directly at the accommodation (even if fixed on a date after the booking). The rates for accommodation shown in the price list include VAT. If the tax changes according to the current rate and is higher, any difference can be directly
to be paid on site at the accommodation.

If the customer does not pay and/or the payment made is not credited within the time frame indicated in the booking, the resort reserves the right or the person having the right to cancel the booking and cancel the contract without refund to the customer for alleged damage and/or fines. In the event of force majeure, unforeseen circumstances and/or a justified reason, even if the execution has become too burdensome due to the occurrence of extraordinary and unforeseen events, the resort or those who have the right to withdraw from the contract will in this case, he must inform the customer of the date of the stay. Otherwise, in the event of the unavailability of the booked service by bank transfer or for other reasons, however attributable to the resort (in exceptional management reasons), the latter is obliged to offer its customer alternative replacement accommodation in its category equivalent or higher than that booked, within the resort itself or, possibly, at another resort, belonging to a category at least equivalent to the category booked by the customer and offering comparable or superior services. However, the customer is free to withdraw from the contract if the proposed solution does not meet his needs, the resort will refund the amount already paid by the customer, without imposing any penalty.

If, after the customer's departure, the organizer is unable for any reason to provide an essential part of the services provided for in the contract, except for facts relevant to the consumer, he will have to offer alternative solutions at no additional cost. From the contractor and if the services rendered have a lower value than intended, the resort will reimburse an amount equal to this difference. If no alternative solution is possible, the resort will reimburse the consumer the difference between the costs of the services provided and those of the services provided until the time of early return.

Clients are required to carry a valid ID, which must be registered on arrival at the resort referred to in the agreed contract, as well as any sojourn and transit visas and health certificates that may be required and in any case with the documentation required with regard to its nationality and origin. In any case, customers will check with the appropriate authorities before departure that they update the general information regarding health obligations and the documentation required before travelling, and amend them before travelling. In the absence of such verification, no responsibility for the non-departure of one or more consumers can be attributed to the seller and/or organizer. Participants must also abide by the rules of normal prudence and diligence, specific to the countries of destination of the trip, with all information provided to them by the organizer and/or seller, as well as with the regulations and administrative and legal provisions regarding the tourist package. Participants are liable for all damage that the organizer and/or seller may suffer as a result of non-compliance with the aforementioned obligations.

The official classification of facilities is only given in a catalog or other informational material based on the formal and express indications released by regional and national experts.

The organizer is liable for the damage suffered by the consumer as a result of the total or partial non-performance of the contractually owed services provided by him, unless he proves that the event was caused by the consumer (including initiatives during the performance of the tourist services) or due to circumstances unrelated to the provision of the services provided in the contract, due to a fortuitous event, due to force majeure or due to circumstances that the organizer itself, according to professional diligence, could not reasonably have foreseen or solve.

The organizer's compensation as a result of the damage to the person does not exceed the limits laid down in the international agreements of which the European Union refers to whether the failure leads to his responsibility.

Acceptance of the sales contract, according to the specifications described above, implies the consent of the customer
ant guarantees the video and photo recording that may be made in the residences by the resort and/or by third parties authorized by them for advertising purposes only. Including online disclosure, in full compliance with current privacy laws. The customer's authorization is release for the resort and/or for third parties authorized by it to use the video and photo images for the purposes and in the manner indicated in paragraph 1, unless the customer indicates otherwise at this time to film.

The purchase and sale of products and services electronically is regulated by law. For what is not mentioned in these terms and conditions, we refer to the Civil Code and existing laws.

With the confirmation of the offer, the customer accepts the conditions of the current reservation, the price list and undertakes to respect the regulations of the resort. The service provider has the right to withdraw from the above service contract if the subscriber, the family or his/her guests do not respect the existing rules.
Some special actions taken since the price list was published are the result of a negotiation with the providers and cannot be retroactive. The offers are not cumulative.
The images used to describe the products and services are approximate and in some cases may not be true to the resort. The images of the accommodations may differ from reality for the asset, location, arrangement, internal or external furniture, due to the different locations where the campsites are set up.

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