News 2021

The new project: Private bathroom for pitches

The idea was born from a particular moment, which we all know and which made this 2020 different, we could even say complicated, but which certainly did not give us the opportunity to surrender. The need to have more space, more intimacy, not to be able to share many spaces has moved many arguments and thus the idea of ​​creating a personalized service was born. In the world of camping, even better in the world of glamping, where the care of services and customer needs come first, we immediately reasoned on the need to solve the problem of sharing bathrooms, how we could have created a more environment sure. The idea was born from this first thought, that of making the space of the toilet private and accessible to each family individually.
For those who stay on the pitch and do not have a camper the problem of using the bathroom became of primary importance and therefore a solution had to be thought of.   From the idea, therefore, a project was sketched, which had never been done before, but which started from the assumption that as houses are mobile, bathrooms can be, every space can be recreated and customized, using the same theory as mobile homes. . Our architects started working on the project, starting from the concept of chemical toilets, already present on the market, but definitely not suitable for our market and very far from the initial idea. The spaces, the use, the internal composition have been redesigned.   Finally the draft of the project was reached, the rendering that gave shape to the idea. The architectural aspects, the colors and the details of style were then discussed. All the stability, recycling of black water, sanitization and eco-sustainability of the project were verified.   The approval finally came and so, the idea, the project was put into production in late May.   Finally on Friday 10 July the first private bathroom per pitch landed at the Weekend Glamping Resort, on Lake Garda.   Great satisfaction for this latest innovation, which lives up to our glamping philosophy. The world of glamping is destined to evolve and continue to transform itself, oriented towards an increasingly high quality and high level holiday style!

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