We renovated the swimming pool at Vacanze Glamping Boutique!

We present the new services of our swimming pool.

The 2024 season at Vacanze Glamping Boutique has begun with a fantastic new feature: we have recently renovated the main pool of the facility, adding services designed for the enjoyment and relaxation of all our guests.

First of all, we have differentiated the depth levels of the pool, introducing a "beach area" animated by a few geysers in which the water is about 20 centimetres high; the other half of the pool, instead, has a higher depth and is the ideal solution for those who want to enjoy a nice regenerating swim.

For your relaxation there is also a special fountain for neck massage, thanks to which you can treat yourself to breaks dedicated to your wellness.

By choosing the Vacanze Glamping Boutique you will experience truly unforgettable days in the swimming pool that we have completely renovated for you!