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*The indications do not have a regulatory character, for any doubt please refer to the official provisions in force.


What is the COVID-19 Green Certification?
The COVID-19 Green Certification was created to facilitate the safe movement of citizens within the European Union during the COVID-19 pandemic. It certifies that you have had the vaccination or are negative for the test or are cured of COVID-19. The Certification contains a QR Code that allows you to verify its authenticity and validity. The European Commission has created a common platform (European Gateway) to ensure that certificates issued by European States can be verified in all EU countries. In Italy, the Certification is issued exclusively through the National Platform of the Ministry of Health in both digital and paper format.

Who can obtain the COVID-19 Green Certification in Italy?
The COVID-19 Green Certification is automatically generated and made available free of charge to those who:
- has had the vaccination, a new certification is issued with each dose of vaccine;
- has tested negative to a molecular test in the last 72 hours or to a rapid antigen test in the previous 48 hours;
- has been cured of COVID-19 for no more than six months.

What types of tests are valid for COVID-19 Green Certification in Italy?
Currently the tests valid to have the COVID-19 Green Certification are the following:
- Molecular test: it allows to detect the presence of genetic material (RNA) of the virus; this type of test is performed on a sample of respiratory secretions, usually a nasopharyngeal swab to date the gold standard, or on saliva sample according to the criteria provided by the Circular of the Ministry of Health of September 24, 2021: opens a new window.
- rapid antigenic test included in the common European list of rapid antigenic tests for COVID-19: this test carried out using nasal, oropharyngeal or nasopharyngeal swabs allows the rapid detection (30-60 min) of the presence of components (antigens) of the virus. It must be performed by health workers or trained personnel who certify the type, the date on which it was performed and the result, and transmit the data through the Health Card System to the National Platform-DGC for the issuance of the Certification.

When and where is the COVID-19 Green Certification mandatory in Italy?
Until April 30, 2022, COVID-19 Green Certification is required for:
- canteens and continuous catering on a contractual basis;
- Catering services carried out at the counter or table, indoors, by any business, with the exception of catering services within hotels and other accommodation facilities reserved exclusively for customers staying there;
- public and private training courses;
- in-person visual interviews with inmates and internees, within adult and juvenile correctional facilities;
- public participation in sporting events and competitions held outdoors;
- swimming pools, swimming centers, gyms, team and contact sports, wellness centers, even within accommodation facilities, for activities that take place indoors, as well as spaces used for locker rooms and showers, with the exception of the requirement of certification for accompanying persons who are not self-sufficient due to age or disability;
- conventions and congresses
- cultural centers, social and recreational centers, for activities that take place indoors and with the exclusion of educational centers for children, including summer centers, and related catering activities;
- festivities however denominated, consequent and not consequent to civil or religious ceremonies, as well as events assimilated to these that take place indoors;
- activities of gambling halls, betting halls, bingo halls and casinos;
- activities that take place in dance halls, discos and similar premises;
- public participation in shows open to the public, as well as sporting events and competitions.

What is the difference between basic and enhanced green passes?
The difference is to indicate which types of COVID-19 Green Certification are valid for different uses and time periods, which may vary as the epidemiological situation evolves.
- Basic Green Pass: refers to COVID-19 Green Certification for vaccination, cure, rapid antigen or molecular test with negative result.
- Enhanced Green Pass: refers only to COVID-19 Green Certification for vaccination or cure. Therefore, the enhanced green pass does not include the performance of a rapid antigenic or molecular test.

Do children ages 5-11 who receive vaccination receive COVID-19 Green Certification?
Yes, a COVID-19 Green Certification is issued for vaccination, as is already the case for cure and rapid and molecular antigen testing. However, children under age 12 are exempt from the green pass requirement to access activities and services in Italy, as outlined in DECREE-LAW No. 172 of November 26, 2021: opens new window

Are children exempt from COVID-19 Green Certification?
Yes, children under the age of 12 are exempt from Covid-19 green certification to access activities and services for which a green pass is required in our country.

Which vaccines administered abroad are valid in Italy to obtain the Covid-19 Green Certification?
Are valid to obtain the COVID-19 green certification in Italy the vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and included in the National Plan for Vaccines, to date: Comirnaty by Pfizer-BioNtech, Moderna, Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca), Janssen (Johnson & Johnson), Nuvaxovid (Novavax).
The following vaccines, administered by foreign competent national health authorities, are also recognized as equivalent:
- Vaccines for which the marketing authorization holder is the same in the European Union. The complete list can be found in the Ministry of Health Circular of September 23, 2021-pdf; 
- Covishield (Serum Institute of India), products under license from AstraZeneca;
- R-CoVI (R-Pharm), a product under license from AstraZeneca;
- Covid-19 vaccine-recombinant (Fiocruz), produced under license by AstraZeneca.
It should be noted that these vaccines are also considered valid for the purpose of issuing the COVID-19 green certificate to Italian citizens (including those residing abroad), their cohabiting family members and foreign citizens residing in Italy for work or study reasons, regardless of whether they are enrolled in the National Health Service or in the SASN (Assistenza Sanitaria al Personale Navigante), as well as to all subjects enrolled in any capacity in the National Health Service who have been vaccinated abroad against SARS-CoV-2.
In addition, without prejudice to the provisions of current legislation on cross-border entry, certificates of vaccination issued by the competent national health authorities abroad, following vaccination with EMA-authorized vaccines or equivalent vaccines, are considered equivalent to the COVID-19 Green Certification.
Certifications must contain at least the following content:
- Holder identification data (first name, last name, date of birth);
- vaccine data (name and lot);
- date(s) of vaccine administration;
- identification data of who issued the certificate (state, health authority).
Vaccination certificates, in paper and/or digital format, must be written in at least one of the following languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish or German. In the event that the certificate is not issued in one of the five languages indicated, it must be accompanied by a sworn translation.

Are the services guaranteed? Is there animation? Can we swim in the pool? Is the minimarket open?
Yes. During your "Holiday with Heart" you can again enjoy all the services. However, the activities must take place in accordance with the indications of the governing bodies, so in some cases, we may need to organize shifts or limit access.

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