News 2022

Winter came to Lago Idro

A few months after its inauguration, Lago Idro Glamping Boutique becomes part of our Winter Glamping project together with the Orlando in Chianti Glamping Resort. Nestled in the mountains, on the shores of Lake Idro, it could only be the perfect setting to recreate the magical atmosphere of Christmas and the holidays. In winter you can stay in the most exclusive glamping accommodations, heated and themed: the Cube Suites are designed for couples and friends, while the Next XL Superior and Next XL Superior Dog can accommodate families and groups of friends. Pitches with lake view are also available, from which you can enjoy the enchanting winter panorama.
Winter Glamping is an experience of relaxation and good food. To accompany the stay of customers, a wellness path surrounded by nature consists of sauna, hot-tub and Jacuzzi. The Idro Bistrot Restaurant also organises special culinary events, with typical products such as mushrooms, cheese, spit and the famous Storo polenta. Even in winter, Vacanze col cuore takes care of children. For them there are Spotty-Jeeps to drive along a route inside the campsite, the Spottyroom inside the restaurant to play in and a bouncy-castle for fun. Another unforgettable experience to add to your Vacanze col cuore!

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