LAGO IDRO Winter Glamping

LAGO IDRO Winter Glamping

En vinterglamping beliggende i hjertet af Anfo, ved bredden af Idrosøen i Valle del Chiese i Lombardiet.
De møblerede og opvarmede mobilhomes og moderne hytter ligger på et tæppe af græs, nogle gange dækket af sne. Den kunstfærdigt indrettede glampingbolig giver dig følelsen af at være på et magisk sted uden for tiden, hvor du kan slappe af efter en sneskovandring eller en naturvandring. I landsbyen er der allerede julestemning i luften, og søen, som danner baggrund for alle billeder, ligner noget fra et postkort.  

Via Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa, 7-5
Anfo (BS)
+39 0365 388106
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Important ntice

To guarantee your safety in the resort, Vacanze Col Cuore group has decided that from season 2021 only electric or gas bbqs are allowed. Charcoal bbqs are strictly forbidden, both for accommodations and for pitches.

Generel information:

  • satserne er for overnatningsstederne pr. dag, inklusive moms
  • satserne er eksklusiv turistafgift
  • der er ingen kvoter for tidlig afgang
  • små kæledyr er tilladt i nogle enheder efter anmodning og mod et ekstra gebyr. Kæledyr er ikke tilladt i restauranten, swimmingpoolen og toiletterne. Dit kæledyrs tilstedeværelse skal rapporteres ved reservation og ved ankomsten. Ved indtjekningen skal dit kæledyr have et gyldigt pas med vaccinationer til personalet.


Tjenester inkluderet altid i prisen:

  • Sengetøj
  • håndklæder
  • sengelinned skiftes hver 7. dag
  • reservationsomkostninger
  • slutrengøring
  • velkomstpakke


Tilgængelige glampingtjenester:
fra åbning til lukning

  • gratis trådløs internetadgang på fællesområderne
  • Spotty Mini Club
  • Animation
  • Restaurant / bar
  • Marked
  • Svømmepøler


Ekstra ydelser:

  • hund: fra € 5 til € 10 pr. dag, afhængigt af sæsonperioden
  • høj stol: € 10,00 per ophold;
  • babybad: € 10,00 per ophold;
  • baby seng: € 12,00 per ophold;
  • babypakke: € 26,00 per ophold.


Tjekker ind:
Alle overnatningssteder er tilgængelige fra kl.
Pladserne er tilgængelige indtil kl. 12.00

Tjekker ud:
Du skal forlade overnatningsstedet mellem kl.9.00 og kl.10.00.
Du skal forlade pladser mellem kl.12.00.

Maestro, kreditkort, visa, kontanter. Vi accepterer ikke checks.

Et depositum på 30% eller detaljerne på dit kreditkort som garanti. Balance ved ankomst.

Restaurant / Pizzeria
Opladningsstation til elektriske køretøjer
Uden for
Udsigt over søen
Toilet til børn
Med din partner

1. To enter the camping site it is necessary to obtain the permission of the management and to be legally registered.

2. The tariffs shown in the Reception Office are valid from the time of arrival until 10:00 a.m. the following day.

3. Access and/or presence in the campsite by unauthorised persons is a violation of Public Safety Regulations, of Article 614 of the Italian Penal Code (breaking and entering), of Article 633 of the Italian Penal Code (trespassing on land and buildings), of Article 624 of the Italian Penal Code (theft of services) and constitutes the offence of contractual fraud.

4. The authorization of the management is required before occupying any camp or caravan site.

5. Vehicles can be parked in the spaces indicated by the management. The management reserves the right to ask that the vehicle be moved to another parking place if the need for new camp or caravan sites should arise.

6. The speed limit within the campsite is 5 km per hour.

7. From 23:00 p.m. to 07:00 a.m. silence must be observed. During day noise should be kept at reasonable levels. Televisions are allowed, only if the volume is very low.

8. Guests are responsible for their own property. The management declines all responsibility for theft or damage, with the exception of those objects that have been entrusted to the management and for which a receipt has been issued.

9. It is forbidden to damage the plants, and within the camp the rules of hygiene and cleanliness must be kept.

10. Dog owners are obliged to read and respect the dog regulations detailed below.

11. The electric sockets are for lights and refrigerators only. The authorization of the management must be obtained before using them. All plugs must be properly earthed.

12. Adults are responsible for the conduct of their children, whose vivacity, manners and needs cannot take priority over the peace and quiet, safety and hygiene of the other guests. Children must be accompanied by their parents when using the hygienic facilities. Use of the playground by children is permitted only under the surveillance of an adult.

13. Pitches and accommodations must be delivered upon departure, decently cleaned and ordered.

14. Guests are required to use the toilets civilly and correctly. Children must be accompanied to the toilet by an adult.

15. In case the visitor or guest is a minor the following is compulsory to allow his/her stay inside the camping area: a written permission of his/her parents or guardian to be handed over to the reception manager upon arrival.

16. Please use the bins located around the campsite to dispose of your household waste and recycle paper, glass, plastic and batteries. This will help protect the environment.

17. The rules for accessing and using the swimming pool and playground spaces are displayed on the campsite. If necessary, they can be requested from the management and printed for their own copy.

18. The management reserves the right to expel any guests who disregard the above rules or who behave in any way that is likely to disturb other guests.

For any need contact the Management at the Reception 



• Dig holes or trenches in the ground and modify the pitch ditches.

• Litter out of the special containers and leave special or hazardous waste in the camping area.

• Pour or disperse oils, fuel, hot liquids, salty or waste liquids on the ground. It is also forbidden to discharge liquids or solids or unused varnishes, solvents, etc. into manholes or other drains.

• Light fires.

• Wash cars and other vehicles.

• Tie and anchor anything to plants, set up human height ropes and install anything that may endanger or hinder free circulation.

• To dig holes or hollow ditches, to pitch posts or other structures in the ground.

• Lay fences.

• Use electrical power beyond the set amount and connect to more than one socket per pitch.

• Have more than one gas cylinder per single pitch.


Your pets are welcome at our Glamping! In order to not bother other guests we kindly ask you to respect the following regulations:

1. The small/medium size animals are accepted only in pitches and accommodations arranged for them. The maximum number of animals allowed per pitch is 2, while just 1 in glamping tent or mobile home.

2. The presence of pets and dogs must be mentioned both at the reservation time and at your arrival.

3. For any guide dog for blind or visually impaired guests there is no charge and they can stay for free in the pitch( not the accommodation) and in all the areas of the campsite.

4. At the check-in the dogs must be presented with the sanitary book and the European pets passport

5. Dogs cannot be left on their own in the accommodation/ pitch.

6. Dogs must be always on a lead, which lenght has to be max 1,5 m (Ord. Minis. 03.03.2009) and in case of necessity or request has to be used the muzzle. Special scoops and bags have always to be used.

7. It’s forbidden to take the animals in the shower building  used by other people

8. Pets should not bother other guests or enter in other pitches or accommodation.

9. It is the responsibility of the owners to ensure the maximum respect of the sanitary hygiene norms in the campsite

10. Any damages for other persons or accommodation of the resort from their dogs/pets are responsibilities of the owner. The Direction reserves the right to expel people immediately from the Resort when the Guests break the rules.

11. Any behaviour towards pets/dogs will be reported to the local authority 

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